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Life Insurance

You take good care of your family. provide them with good food, clothing, education and the best of everything.

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Health Insurance

Health is the real wealth.No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people require medical care at some point or the other.

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Non-Life Insurance

Your home is your most precious asset. It takes lot of hardwork, money and years to build/buy your dream home.

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Income Protection

Earning wealth can be difficult. Preserving your wealth for long term use can be even more difficult.

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You have lived all your life with self-respect without depending on anybody. planning for your retirement.

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Children's Future

As a parent, you have always tried to give the best of everything to your child.Good education is the best gift for your child.

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About Us

Thank you for visiting our website. I am Kirti Patel. We specialize in Wealth Management Services and Insurance Consultancy services for all types of Insurances, such as Pension Plan, Health Insurance, Term Plan, Children education/ Marriage/Securing future, Financial Planning etc.

We offer customized Wealth Solutions which help people to achieve their long term and medium term financial goals through effective financial planning. Since last 17 Years, we have helped more than 1500 families and individuals in retirement planning, child’s education planning, financial protection against any unforeseen events etc. We offer a wide range of plans of LIC to suits your diverse needs. Our clients include salaried, businessmen, students, professionals, housewives, government employees and retired people.

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Other Services

Mutual Fund

A mutual fund is a pool of money from numerous investors which is collectively invested by a fund manager.


Mediclaim is an insurance product which takes care of the expenses you incur in the event of hospitalization or domiciliary care.

Fixed Deposit

Fixed deposit for conservative investors who don't want to take any sort of risk and are happy with moderate returns only.

What’s our clients are saying.

  • Ashish Narola...CEO, Narola Infotech Solutions LLP

    Kirtibhai did a great job finding the right insurance policy for my need. A very personable individual to work with. He takes great care of his clients. He always helpful, professional and returned my calls in a timely manner.

  • JB International

    I am absolutely delighted with the service of LIC Agent Surat Anjani Insurance. It is really refreshing to work with a financial adviser who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences. What really impressed me was the way you took the time to make me understand and which i didnt get from others, your depth of knowledge, lateral thinking and your sense of approach. Your professional, ethical and caring demeanour elicits my trust and respect and I gladly recommend your services whenever possible. Thank you so much for your valuable Services LIC Agent Surat Anjani Insurance and happy to have you as an Advisor.

  • Anurag Kumar

    Kirti Patel has been taking care of my investment portfolio from many years. He is very trustworthy and offers me the best advice in investing. I feel he is one of the best investment advisors in the market today.






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Most people invest their money. But only few people know about the right way to invest. Investment is not just about increasing your wealth but also capital protection and reducing the risk exposure. When you partner with us for investing, we provide you 100 percent secured investment options which will not only protect your wealth but also increase your wealth and help you achieve your financial goals easily.

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